Emergency Care

Any time, day or night, we're ready to help you in a medical emergency. Our teams of emergency medicine doctors, specialists and specialty-trained nurses, technicians, pharmacists, care managers and others work together to provide lifesaving treatments and personal care. It is our goal to calm your stress, take care of you and your loved ones and support you after you leave.

Getting to the ER

If you have a serious or life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. Trained professionals can then begin treatment right away, even before you reach the hospital, and prepare the ER team for your arrival.

Services for every emergency, illness and injury

Holy Rosary can get you the right care wherever and whenever you need it. The emergency room is the best fit for illness or injuries requiring immediate care or for complex medical emergencies. Walk-in care or a same-day visit with your own doctor are convenient and cost-saving options for less critical conditions.

Learn when to go to the emergency room and see other care options.

Why choose Holy Rosary for emergency care?

Holy Rosary is your community hospital in Miles City. We work to keep family close so you don’t have to travel for care. Our doctors are trained in emergency medicine, and all our nurses are trained and certified in advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), pediatric advanced life support (PALS) and the trauma nursing core course. Our rural community also has easy access to a full team of medical experts at our sister hospital in Billings and medical transport when needed.

Our team members work together to provide the care you need from the minute you arrive. We’ll keep your visit smooth and fast by evaluating your situation, getting your test results and starting treatment right away.

If you need medical care, but it’s not an emergency, visit the Holy Rosary Healthcare Clinic for quick and convenient walk-in care.

Emergency expertise when you need it most

In addition to complete emergency care, Holy Rosary’s Emergency Room provides:

  • On-site spiritual care
  • Pediatric care
  • Sexual assault nurse examiners
  • Surviving Sepsis Campaign to reduce the risks of septic shock
  • Telemedicine for support and specialty intervention

What to expect when you visit the ER

When you arrive in the ER, you’ll be assessed by a member of our emergency care staff so we can learn about your injury or illness. Following this assessment, you’ll check in at our registration desk to provide any information we need to treat you, like ordering appropriate tests. The severity of your injury or illness will determine the order in which you’re seen by ER staff.

Learn what to bring and what to expect when you go to one of our emergency care centers.

Medical and flight transport

Should you need more advanced emergency care, we may transfer you to another facility, either by ambulance service or air. Specially trained teams accompany you during transport, attending to your medical needs and communicating with the receiving hospital to ensure they’re prepared for your arrival. Team members may include flight nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists and nurses with advanced training in caring for pregnant women and newborns needing critical emergency care.

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