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Rehabilitation at Holy Rosary Healthcare

Our rehabilitation therapists are a close-knit group, which means we work well together to serve your needs. We share a goal to get you back to life quickly and comfortably.

Everything you need to get back your life

Everyone’s needs and circumstances are different, and we excel in creating a plan made just for you. We provide this care in as few visits as possible because we understand you want to get back to enjoying life. Our services include:

Supportive rehab from start to finish

We want you to live without pain. So we provide support at every step of care so you feel as good as possible when you get back to your normal routine. You’ll receive:

  • Pre-surgery therapy
  • Thorough education before, during and after rehabilitation
  • Transitional workout programs to maintain fitness

You’ll see many of the same faces along the way so you’re comfortable with your care team.

Learn what to expect from rehabilitation at Holy Rosary Healthcare.

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Leave aches and pains behind and move with comfort, whether you’re an athlete or just looking for a pain-free life. We also have sports medicine experts who work with athletes, coaches and parents to provide individual and team consultations.

Neurological and stroke rehabilitation

Physical, occupational and speech therapists combine their skills to provide relief from stroke and neurological conditions. We work with you and your family so you can live with as few limitations as possible.

Pediatric rehabilitation

You want your kids to reach their full potential. So do we. Our specialists work together to treat speech and swallowing disorders, autism and more in children.

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