Joint Replacement

Time to consider joint replacement? Start by talking to us. Our orthopedic experts have helped thousands of people return to normal activities free of pain through joint replacement and supportive rehabilitation services.

Choosing joint replacement surgery

Joint replacement is often the solution once other measures, such as pain medicine, physical therapy or weight loss, have been tried without success. Joint replacement can transform your life, returning you to the things you love and providing relief from pain. The vast majority of people experience good to excellent results, returning home within days and resuming normal activity in six to 12 weeks.

When you choose us for joint replacement, you’ll benefit from:

  • Joint classes that help you and your family get ready for surgery and your return home
  • A team that understands your unique goals and involves you in your care
  • Advanced technology in the hands of highly skilled orthopedic surgeons
  • Specially-trained nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists and others focused on pain control and a healthy recovery
  • Encouragement from people like you going through the same experience
  • The peace of mind that comes from choosing a person-centered hospital known for excellent results

From prepping for surgery to planning your return home, we can help you know what to expect with joint replacement surgery.

Types of joint replacement

We offer total joint replacement and joint revision surgery to repair a previous implant surgery or deal with joint disease. In some cases, partial joint replacement (replacing only one part of a damaged joint) is possible. Our surgeons use the latest innovations, often incorporating minimally invasive approaches that result in smaller incisions, less pain and faster recovery times.

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