A Rehabilitation Plan Just for You

Whether you’ve just had surgery or are recovering from an illness or injury, your plan for rehabilitation is unique to you. Our therapists and specialists will create a custom plan to help you recover and get back to living a fuller life.

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Rehabilitation therapy for lasting change

Not only do our therapists help you recover with one-on-one attention, they also give you tools and techniques to improve your health and quality of life long after your therapy ends. Our specialists and therapists commonly offer the following treatments:

Customized care

No two rehabilitation plans at SCL Health are the same. We help you set goals you care about, and then we work with the right specialists and doctors to create a plan that will help you reach those goals. Based on your progress, we adjust as we go to arrive at a plan that supports your ability to live a full life.

Orthopedic rehabilitation

It’s time for you to get past aches and pains that have kept you from being active or comfortable. Our therapists will help you finish your journey.

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Neurological and stroke rehabilitation

Life following a neurological condition or stroke can still be rewarding. Therapists from many specialties will help you live as independent a life as possible.

Learn about our neurological and stroke rehabilitation services.

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